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Nokia E7 for sale for only $349 – Nokia USA

Nokia E7 - click to enlarge flyer

If you visit Nokia USA’s home page on a weekly basis, you’ll find that they are running promotions on various phones, with very generous rebates when you recycle a phone.  Typically there will be a guaranteed rebate amount, then plus any amount your phone is assessed by the partnering recycling website.

Past discounts included the Nokia C2-01 ($40 rebate from $79), and the C3-01 Touch and Type ($70 rebate from $149).  Not bad, eh?

The new phone on sale is the Nokia E7 ($349, $150 rebate from $499), Nokia’s flagship business phone, which I nickname the “Beast.”  It’s a hefty all aluminum, gorgeous 4″ capacitive screen samurai weapon, with a very nice thumb-friendly qwerty keyboard underneath it.  Check my recent review of the Beast here.  For those (typically Americanos) who don’t normally buy unlocked phones, even $349 might seem steep.  But trust Bubba on this one, this is a good price.  Considering the older N900 flagship phone is still selling around this price range or higher, and the N8 is selling for more than this on Amazon, the $349 is looking pretty good.  And, as long as your recycled phone lights up and works, you’ll get the rebate.

In addition, with the unlocked phone, you can shop around for a good deal, use it worldwide, and it’s compatible with all 3G networks globally, as it has all five 3G frequency bands built in.  You know that when you buy a low cost, subsidized smartphone with a 2 year carrier contract, you’re forced into costly data plans that you may not need.  You’ll make back the $349 quickly, and save money in the long run.

via Nokia USA



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  • flip

    why do US always gets the best deals on gadgets LOL….

  • callingbubba

    Hey Flip,
    Yeah, right? Compared to Thai prices, I was very content to shop while back in the states. Amazon, Ebay, are unbeatable combos, as well as some of the online stores like Nokia, or, with occasional specials.